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Gabry about her cats Amy and Noah

Gabry (35) found cat Amy on the street and knew immediately: she belongs to me. Later, Noah joined them. A super sweet little male who immediately captured her heart. Here she talks about their special encounter and what the cats mean to her.

We’re very curious about your cats, but can you tell us a little about yourself first?

I am Gabry and I live with my husband in an apartment with balcony in the beautiful Hanseatic city of Doesburg. This is located in the province of Gelderland, near the Gelderse- and Oude IJssel rivers. They call it a city, but it only has 11,000 residents, so it feels very village-like. Our two cats and us are having a great time here.

And who are these cute cats?

Cat Amy aged 11 and cat Noah aged 10 – two ordinary house cats. But that doesn’t make them any less special. In fact, they are both very special. Especially to me.


Why are they so special to you?

My cats are special in so many ways. Amy is special because I found her on the street. I ran into her once already around 11 p.m. in the evening and she walked quite a bit behind me. Sweet of course, but I thought she had an owner, so I tried to scare her away a bit. Of course, I didn’t want her to lose her way.

One day later, I decided to drink my coffee outside for a change. I was renting a room in the old downtown area at the time, something I usually don’t do. Amy must have heard me, because she came running from the old basement and jumped into my lap. I had on a cardigan made of teddy fabric and she immediately began to munch on it.

I knew it immediately: this cat belongs to me!

I took her home, because she clearly needed me. But I was in a moment of my life when I needed her even more. So we belong together.

Figuring that someone would surely miss Amy, I registered her with Amivedi as a “found pet” anyway. But no one ever responded. Too bad for them, because Amy really is a great kitty!


And why did you decide to get another cat?

I thought it would be nice for Amy to have another cat buddy in the house. I wanted a cypher cat myself, so when I saw Noah I was immediately sold. He was still a real little kitten back then. Very small and incredibly sweet! He is not small anymore, but he’s still very sweet.

Are they best buddies?

They are really best friends. But Noah is a lot nicer to Amy than the other way around. That’s because of his character. He is very gentle and quiet. Actually, he’s sweether than Amy, but don’t let Amy hear that, haha.

Tell us a little more about their characters!

Noah is a hero in socks – he finds everything a little scary. That’s why he likes to sit up high. For example, he likes to sit on a high cabinet or at the top of their cat tree. He always goes his own way, but when I call him he comes right away. And he loves to lie on top of my chest and on my neck. So a real cuddler.


Amy is a bit of a weirdo – for example, she opens the freezer and throws stuff off the table. She is braver than Noah and acts like a real princess. And that’s what I often call her. She still nibbles on soft fabrics and we – after 11 years – still have a very strong bond with each other. Because everywhere I am, she is – meowing loudly. And that’s pretty special after all.

Other than that, they are both incredible sleepers. They are really good at that. I love the sight of them sprawled out on their backs sleeping. But these oldies still have their crazy fifteen minutes!

That’s really super funny. So I hope they continue to do that for a long time!

What is your most favorite moment with your cats?

Actually, I always find it enjoyable with them. When they come and lie with me on the balcony, when they do something crazy again or when they come and cuddle with me. But if I have to choose I think the morning is the most fun with them.

When they think it’s time for me to wake up, they run over my bed meowing, because: hungry! Like they never get anything, haha. So I take care of them first with a clean litter box and some food. And only then do I start my cup of coffee myself.


The very last question already: why do you find cats so special and fun?

Cats are independent and do their own thing. They all have their own character, are sweet, weird and most of all clean. And mine, of course, are the cutest of all – I really love them both dearly!

Gabry doesn’t have much room in the house, but wanted a sturdy scratching post. And one where there is plenty of room for her two cats to sleep. That is why she choose the Catharina 160 grey. That one is tall, has lovely hammocks and doesn’t take up much space. And it still looks – after 1.5 years – like new.

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