How to teach your cat to use a scratching post

Why is my cat not using it’s cat tree?

There are several causes that can create this problem, no worries! We have a few tips and trics to help you learn your cat to use a cat tree.

  1. Put the cat tree in the walking route of your cat. If you watch you’ll find out that your cat mostly takes the same route from the kitchen to the livingroom.

The cat tree is not positioned at the right place in your house, this is the most common cause of your cat not using it’s tree. If u pay close attention to where your cat walks you will see a invisible pattern.

Put the cat tree in the walking route for a couple of days, this way you bring the tree to your cat’s attention so it can release feromones on it.

  1. Make other furniture unattractive to use

If your cat ignores the cat tree and still scratches on your sofa we advise you to clean your sofa with Biotex (hand wash detergent) and cover it with tape so it becomes unattractive. For optimal results you can combine this with the previous tric.

  1. Be patient

If you didn’t already know… cats are peculiar animals! They can be very impulsive and varying in their interests, they can love their cat tree for weeks and than suddenly completely ignore it. This is all very normal. Your cat is looking for a second or different spot. You will also see that your cat will switch between these spots during the day, they like to vary. After a few weeks they can come back to an old spot or cat tree and make it their own again.

Useful tips about cats and cat trees

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