Frequently Asked Questions

We have no secrets and we find it important that our costumers and partners know exactly what they can expect. Therefore we have an answer to every question we could think of.

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About Petrebels

  • Where can we buy cat furniture from Petrebels?

  • Do you have a showroom?

  • How sustainable is Petrebels?

  • What’s that dog doing on your packaging and logo?

  • Where can I write a review?

  • I am looking for a cat tree, do you have a catalog?

  • Do you make and design all the products yourself?

Petrebels quality

  • What is sisal rope and why is the quality of it so important?

  • Is the quality of plush also important?

  • Why do you glue the sisal and the plush?

  • Sometimes there’s loose plush on the cat tree, why is that?

  • How heavy are Petrebels cat trees?

  • Why is a thick bottom plate important?

Order and return

  • What is the delivery time?

  • Can I follow my order?

  • How can I return my package?

  • Can I bring back my package personally?

  • Will I receive my money back after a return?

  • What are the costs of a return?

  • What do I do if my package is delivered damaged?

  • I only received a part of the packages!

Payment process

  • Do these prices include VAT?

  • How can I pay?

  • Can I pay afterwards?

Petrebels cat trees

  • What is the difference between the Petrebels cat trees categories?

  • Why is the height of a cat tree important?

  • What do I need to look out for when buying a cat tree?

  • Do you sell spare parts?

  • What can I do when I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

B2B | For our business partners

  • Are you attending trade fairs?

  • I want to sell Petrebels products

  • Can I be an official Petrebels dealer?

  • Do you have a warehouse or depot?

  • Does Petrebels have patent on the products they designed?

  • Does Petrebels take good care of their Rebels?

  • In which countries is Petrebels available?

  • Can I purchase directly from Petrebels factory?

  • Who can I contact about B2B?

  • Can I have a own personalised design made?

  • Can I choose a colour myself?


  • How and where can I file a complaint?

  • Guarantee

Cat furniture and scratching posts in all shapes and sizes

Petrebels has a large assortment with cat furniture and scratching posts in all shapes and sizes. Navigate below directly to the desired category

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