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Frequently Asked Questions

We have no secrets and we find it important that our costumers and partners know exactly what they can expect. Therefore we have an awnser to every question we could think of.

Did you manage to come up with a question that is not in this list? No problem - let us know by calling or mail us directly

About Petrebels
Where can we buy cat furniture from Petrebels?

You can buy our entire collection in our webshop and in the more specialized petshops

Do you have a showroom?
  • Yes! It is located on the Van Leeuwenhoekweg 17 in Schijndel (Netherlands), you can admire our entire collection here. Please let us know beforehand if you’d like sugar in your coffee…
How sustainable is Petrebels?

We find the environment very important, thus we apply a as sustainable as possible policy. Petrebels only works with factories that work sustainable and meet the legal environmental requirements from the country of origin. Furthermore we transport on water as much as possible to reduce CO2 emissions. We work with CO2 neutral companies, drink fair trade coffee and tea (really tasty!), our spaces are illuminated by led lights and we print as less paper as possible.

What's that dog doing on your packaging and logo?

Well.... we didn't figure that our yet ourselves ;)

Where can i write a review?

First of all, thank you for wanting to give us feedback! You can write a review under every product in our webshop. Did you know that you can win an amazing price by writing a review…?

I am looking for a cat tree, do you have a catalog?

Yes, we do. Each year we create a new catalog where you can find all of our cat furniture

Do you make and design all the products yourself?

We design each scratching post and cat furniture ourselves. That makes our products unique. And we also make our own products as much as possible. Unfortunately, that's not possible with everything. That's why we work with reliable (and sustainable) suppliers and monitor all delivered materials ourselves.

Petrebels quality
What is sisal rope and why is the quality of it so important?

Sisal is a natural product which rope is made of. We only use extra thick sisal with a diameter of 5,2 mm for our cat trees. Therefore our cat trees and cat furniture lasts a lot longer

Is the quality of plush also important?

Yes it is! It determines the lifespan of the cat furniture. Thus we only work with thick and qualitatively strong plush.

Why do you glue the sisal and the plush?

We have discovered that it is better to glue some parts, such as the sisal and the plush. Cats are therefore less likely to break the product, which means that the scratching posts last up to 30% longer than other scratching posts.

Sometimes there’s loose plush on the cat tree, why is that?

All of our plush is cut and mounted by hand. It can happen that there’s a loose piece of plush laying around on the cat tree. No panic, it has no effect on the quality or lifespan.

How heavy are Petrebels cat trees?

Our cat trees are heavier than the average cat trees. This is caused by the extra thick bottem plates we use. The exact weight is different for eacht cat tree or cat furniture - you can find this in the product description.

Why is a thick bottem plate important?

This is really simple. By using thicker bottem plates every cat tree and every cat furniture will be more stable. We only create quality products and therefore only use bottem plats that are 2 to 5 cm thick.

Order and return
What is the delivery time?

The delivery time varies per country and per product. Normally we deliver within 1-2 working days. Some products are so big or heavy that they will be delivered with a separate transport and then you have to count on 4-5 working days. 

Can I follow my order?

Yes, you can. As soon as your order leaves our warehouse you will receive an email with a Track & Trace code. With this you can precisely follow your order and see when it will be delivered.

How can I return my package?

We can almost not imagine this, but ofcourse it can happen that you’ll want to return your package. You can. You have 14 days to report your return and after this you will have another 14 days to send the product back to:

PR-Pet B.V.

Afdeling Webshop

Van Leeuwenhoekweg 17

5482 TK Schijndel

Fill in this return form, add it to your return package and make sure that the product is unused and back in its original packaging.

Can I bring back my package personally?

Yes. You are very welcome at our office on the Van Leeuwenhoekweg 17 in Schijndel. Please let us know when you will visit us so we can prepare you cup of coffee on time.

Will I receive my money back after a return?

Yes, of course. As soon as you report a return, you - legally - dissolve the purchase contract. From that moment on, you are entitled to a full refund of the products including shipping costs. We always refund within fourteen days after receipt of the product. We do, however, reserve the right to offset any reduction in value, in the event that goods have been used beyond what is necessary to determine their nature, characteristics and function. 

What are the costs of a return?

If you want to return your package you are responsible for the shipping costs yourself.

What do I do if my package is delivered damaged?

Don’t panic! Please contact us and we promise that we will do anything in our power to help you.

Payment process
Do these prices include VAT?

We can awnser this shortly, yes.

How can I pay?

If you order from our webshop you can pay with Ideal, Apple Pay, Sofort Banking, Mister Cash, Pay Pal, Bankcontact, Giropay, Eps, KCB/CBC, Belfius Direct Net, ING Homepay and creditcard.

Can I pay afterwards?

Not yet. We are working on this!

Petrebels cat trees
What is the difference between the Petrebels cat trees categories?

Each cat is different. There are small cats and big cats, active cats and lazy cats. Hero’s and scaredy cats. And ofcourse our Kings & Queens that demand luxury. Each of these cats have their own needs, thus we create different cat trees and cat furniture to make sure that there is always something suitable for the character of your cat. Here you can find a helpful overview

Why is the height of a cat tree important?

Cats sharpen their nails several times a day and love to stretch out. This is only possible if the cat tree is high enough - a big cat needs a higher tree than a smaller cat. Tip: measure the cat with stretched legs before chosing a product. This way your certain it will be suitable.

What do I need to look out for when buying a cat tree?

There are not only different kinds of cats but also a lot of differend kinds of cat trees. Chosing one can be very difficult, but we’d love to help! On this page you’ll find everything about different characters and their matching cat furniture.

Do you sell spare parts?

Yes, these are available in our webshop. With each model you can download a instruction manual in the product description. Here you can see which parts you’ll need. Then you can email a photo of your cat tree with the required part so we can get started on it.

What can I do when I’m not satisfied with my purchase?

Please contact us so we can help you further.

B2B | For our business partners
Are you attending trade fairs?

Petrebels will be at a few of the biggest professional trade fairs in the world. You can find these here as soon as the dates are known.

I want to sell Petrebels products

This makes us very happy! Please send us an email to and we will contact you soon!

Can I be an official Petrebels dealer?

Yes you certainly can. We are looking for dealers for various countries worldwide. Do you want to become dealer? Send us an email to

Do you have a warehouse or depot?

Yes! We have a warehouse in The Netherlands from which we deliver.

I want to become an official Rebel

You are a real Rebel if you show a minimum of 6 different Petrebels products in your store for the whole year. Every Rebel will receive an honorary mention on our website.

Does Petrebels have patent on the products they designed?

Al of our products are created by us from A to Z. Therfore we have protected everything with a patent or design registration. Have you spot a copy Rebel? Please let us know!

Does Petrebels take good care of their Rebels?

Yes, we only want happy Rebels. We find it very important that everyone is working under the best working conditions. Our own Petrebels team is closeby and we take very good care of them. And each factory from where are products are made has to sign a Social Code of Conduct with which they garantee good working conditions for their employees.

In which countries is Petrebels available?

We are working on conquering the world! We prefer to see happy Rebels all over the world. Would you like to know in which countries we are represented? Send us an email to so we can send you an overview.

Can I purchase directly from Petrebels factory?

Yes. You can directly purchase from one of the factory’s on the basis of FOB. For more information you can send an email to Dennis:

Who can I contact about B2B?

For Northern Europe, Asia and The USA Dennis will be your guy:

For Southern Europe, South-America and Afrika Detlef will be your guy:

For France, Ronan will be your contactperson:



Can I have a own personalised design made?

We are always open to new ideas, including a personalised design. So, yes we would love to work on that with you!

Can I choose a color myself?

Would you rather like another color, fabric or material? This is all possible and makes Petrebels unique. Nothing is too crazy. For more information you can send us an email  to

Can I visit the Petrebels factory?

We are currently building a new factory. Whenever it’s ready you have the oppurtunity to come and visit.

How and where can I file a complaint?

Ofcourse it is possible that product does not match your wishes. We promise to do everything in our power to help you. Contact us through our contact page or via the information below:



If you send an email to, we will try our best to reply within 24 hours.


By phone

Would you rather give us a call? You can, our customer service is available on monay to friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM and on saturday from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Please call us at 073-6893140.



This way you can file a complaint at any time of the day, we will awnser them during the opening hours of our customer service.



If the complaint needs an investigation or if there is a third party involved we need more time to respond. We will do this whithin 5 business days.


Disputes Committee

Sometimes, wearingly, we can’t work it our together. In these cases you have the right to present your complaint to the Disputes Committee through the European ODR Platform:


Legal warranty

We always manage the legal warranty for consumers. This means that the product you bought is ought to do what is supposed to do and what the customer expects it should do. Sadly, it can happen that you have to file a complaint or that you are not pleased with your purchase.


Is this the case? Please let us know or come by our shop. You can return your order without statement of reason within 14 days. This arrangement is called the Petrebels Right of Withdrawal.

© Copyright Petrebels 2021

With a slight sense of recognition, the indoor hunter looks outside through the window. He or she wants to go out but cannot. But, it can also be very adventurous inside the house. With some great toys and a provocative scratching post within reach, the indoor hunter likes to release his instincts. Oh, by the way, a power nap will be sufficient to recover.

The outdoor hunter does not want to miss out on any adventure. His or her action mode is action mode is always on stand by. The outdoor hunter strikes out every day and every night. Home is just a place to relax, eat and get some attention. When the battery is recharged. the next adventure will be waiting.

This is not your average cat you can deal with without putting velvet gloves on. He or she sharpens their nails all day long. Scratching is a party for this animal. He or she would preferably do it the whole day and regularly stretches horizontally and vertically. Meowww.

This sleeping beauty can be called lazy rather tan tired. (S)he loves to crawl up and against anything and to cuddle a lot. Without all of this (s)he will shamelessly stretch out and settle anywhere. Its biggest hobby is sleeping of course. Sweet dreams…