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Frequently Asked Questions

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About Petrebels
Can we only buy Petrebels online?

Petrebels can also be found in the better pet shop. If you are looking for a REBEL-STORE click  here

Do you have a showroom?
  • Yes, we have. Our address is: Van Leeuwenhoekweg 17, 5482TK, Schijndel, Nederland.
  • You are welcome to visit us. Just let us know in advance so we can prepare some fresh coffee :)
Where can we buy your products?

Petrebels is sold both online and offline. You can find Petrebels in the better pet shops. Are you looking for a REBEL STORE in your area? click here

What is the difference between the Petrebels categories?

Petrebels created several categories with associated characteristics because no cat is equal to another and every interior looks different and not everyone is able to or wants to spend as much. To get an overview of the differences click here

What's that dog doing on your packaging and logo?

Hey, we do not know either :)

Are spare parts available?

Yep, spare parts are always available. These will soon appear on the website.

How to write a review

You can write a review for every product in the online shop. So jump in and ensure your chance to win up to 100 Euro... check it our here

Do you have a catalogue?

Yeah we do and we are super proud of it. You can download here.

Do you also sell directly to consumers?

We have an online shop that you can use, click here

Are you producing everything by yourself?

Petrebels tries to do this as much as possible. Of course we work with reliable suppliers so that we always maintain control over the manufactured materials.

Are all Petrebels designs unique?

All Petrebels designs are unique. Petrebels develops new designs every day and keeps an eye on the latest trends.

The thickness of sisal is crucial?

Sisal is a natural product and is manufactured in different diameters. We work with a minimum diameter of 5.2 mm, because only that can ensure an optimal claw care. This make sure that your cat has more and longer scratching pleasure and the post will last longer. Natural sisal is available in different diameters and the larger the diameter, the higher the price. This is why we certainly chose an extra strong and durable sisal - for the benefit and well-being of your cat.

Does the length of a post matters?

By choosing the right scratching tree you can minimize the risk of your cat using your furniture or curtains to explore and scratch. Choosing the correct scratching tree for your cat means choosing a scratching tree that fits with your cat’s size and activity level and will therefore become the centre of his or her life. A scratching tree should not be too small because most cats stretch out their body completely when scratching. Please consider the size of your cat when selecting a scratching tree. The length of your cat when stretched out is the minimum length a scratching post should have.

How important is plushquality actually?

The larger your cat is and the more your cat jumps into action, the thicker the plush should be.

There is loose plush on my cat tree, how is this possible?

Because plush is cut and everything is made by hand it can happen that plush is lying loose on your cat tree. This has no further consequences for the quality

What's a cat tree weight?

The weight varies per model, of course. Due to the thick bottom boards the weight of a Petrebels cat treet is heavier than normal. The weights are described under each model.

Gluing plush and sisal is necessary

Quality starts from the inside out. Strong plush and thick natural sisal are additionally glued in the manufacturing process. This prolongs the life expectancy of our cat trees significantly, up to 30%. 

The thickness of the bottom board, huh?

It sounds really easy which it also is. The bottom board is the fundament of every cat tree. The thicker thus heavier the bottom plate, the more stable the whole construction will be. There are a lot of models that have a base of only 0.8cm. In our point of view this is not enough. Petrebels bottom boards have at least 2cm height and go up to 5cm! This is what Petrebels calls a solid base!

Send & return
Is it possible to Track & Trace?

Yes, you can. When your shipment leaves our depot you automatically receive an email with a track & trace code. With this you can follow your package.

I want to return my package
  • You can return your shipment within 14 days after ordering. For this you must fill out the form online and print it (Download return form)
Can I get my money back?
  • When your package returns undamaged and unused at Petrebels, your money will be refunded.
What do I have to do to send something back?
  • First download the Return Form
  • Print the form
  • fill in the form
  • Then send your package (with form) to Petrebels
Until when can I return my package?
  • Up to 14 days, after purchase, you may send something back to us
Can I personally return my shipment to you?
  • Yes, you are most welcome at Petrebels. Van Leeuwenhoekweg 17, 5482TK, Schijndel
  • Let us know in advance that you are coming. Then we prepare the coffee.
I have to pay for a return shipment myself?
  • If you want to return a package, this is always possible. You are responsible for the costs yourself.
Does petrebels work sustainable?

Subsequently, Petrebels leaves all its products on the water as long as possible because it’s more sustainable than the road. This way all products go to our terminal in Veghel. We work with CO2 neutral transport companies. We drink fair trade coffee and tea. We print via CO2-neutral devices, we have LED lighting everywhere and we try to have a paperless office. Everything goes by email.

My product is damaged what should I do?

Do not panic, we take care of this. You can mail or call Petrebels and it will all be solved. contact

How can i pay?

You can pay in multiple ways at our online shop. Ideal, Sofort Banking, Credit Card, Mister Cash and Pay Pal are among the payment options

Can I pay after delivery?

Unfortunately that is not possible yet. We are working hard to make this possible ... please be patient

What should I pay attention to when buying a cat tree?

Petrebels knows  that  purchasing a cat tree can be difficult. It is not only the color, model or price that is important. The character of your cat determines whether you buy the right cat tree or not. We are happy to help you with this through "Quite a character". Here you can see what kind of cat you have and which cat tree best suits your cat. Click here for 'quite a character'

How do I know for sure that I have bought the right cat tree?

You can never know this for a 100% of course. But it all starts with the right information. When you have watched your cat closely before the order and you can see that your cat is happy, you made the right choice.

What should I do if I have a complaint?

Do not panic, and mail or call Petrebels click here for the contact details

B2B (for business customers)
Are you attending shows?

Petrebels attends professional trade shows worldwide. The next shows Petrebels will attend:

2020 Germany - Nürnberg - INTERZOO May 19-22

I want to sell Petrebels

We think that's great! Send an email with your details to info@petrebels.com

Can i become a dealer?

Petrebels is working with dealers for every country and is still searching worldwide. If you want to know if you are eligible, please mail to info@petrebels.com

Do you have a warehouse?

We do. We also supply from this warehouse in Holland.

How to become a "REBEL"?

You are a Rebel when you show at least 6 different models nonstop in your store throughout the year. Your shop is also listed as Rebelstore on our website.

Are your designs protected?

All Petrebels designs are protected by a registration or patent. So if you see a fake REBEL, just let us know.

How are the working conditions at the factory?

Petrebels finds it very important that the people in factories have good working conditions. Therefore, Petrebels has signed a social code of conduct for each factory.

In which countries are you already represented?

Petrebels is available on several continents and are expanding rapidly. If you want to know if Petrebels is already represented in your country, please mail to info@petrebels.com

Can I buy directly from the factory??

Of course this is possible. You can buy directly from the factory on FOB/CIF-base. More information: info@petrebels.com

Who is my contact person?

We have several people in our B2B team. For Northern Europe, Asia and Northern America please contact Dennis Steenbakkers: dennis@petrebels.com, for South Europe, South America and Africa please contact Detlef Windeln: detlef@petrebels.com

Can I have my own design made?

Yes you can. We are happy to cooperate with you. We can design for you.

Can i choose my own colors??

You can choose your own color or fabric, which makes Petrebels unique. For more information info@petrebels.com

Can I visit your factory?

Once a year we organize trips to visit the factory. This way you are able to see the production process and you can admire the latest collection.

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With a slight sense of recognition, the indoor hunter looks outside through the window. He or she wants to go out but cannot. But, it can also be very adventurous inside the house. With some great toys and a provocative scratching post within reach, the indoor hunter likes to release his instincts. Oh, by the way, a power nap will be sufficient to recover.

The outdoor hunter does not want to miss out on any adventure. His or her action mode is action mode is always on stand by. The outdoor hunter strikes out every day and every night. Home is just a place to relax, eat and get some attention. When the battery is recharged. the next adventure will be waiting.

This is not your average cat you can deal with without putting velvet gloves on. He or she sharpens their nails all day long. Scratching is a party for this animal. He or she would preferably do it the whole day and regularly stretches horizontally and vertically. Meowww.

This sleeping beauty can be called lazy rather tan tired. (S)he loves to crawl up and against anything and to cuddle a lot. Without all of this (s)he will shamelessly stretch out and settle anywhere. Its biggest hobby is sleeping of course. Sweet dreams…