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The length of the posts is crucial!

By choosing the right scratching tree means your cat does not use your sofa or your curtains for scratching anymore. The correct cat tree is the center of life for your cat. Make sure that it fits properly to your cat. The chosen scratching tree should not be too small. Your cat prefers to stretch the body completely for scratching. Please consider the size of your cat when you select the scratching tree. The length of your stretched out cat, is the minimum height of a scratching post. This will ensure that the feel-good factor for your cat increases clearly. If you can, try to measure your cat. So you can be sure to find the right scratching tree for your little feline friend.

The thickness of the bottom board is crucial!

It sounds as easy as logical. And finally it is! The bottom board is the stable fundament of every scratching tree. The thicker and thus heavier the bottom plate is, the more stable is the total construction of a scratching tree. Please also compare exactly the information we provide with other scratching trees. There are several models in the world that will have a base of only 0.8cm height. That is not enough in our point of view! Petrebels bottom boards starting at least with 2 cm and go up – depending on each model – to 5 cm in height! This is what Petrebels calls a solid base!


The thickness of the sisal is crucial!

Sisal is a real natural product and is manufactured in different diameters. We work with a minimum diameter of 5.1 mm, because only that can ensure an optimal claw care. In addition, this will provide your cat a longer scratching pleasure and the post will last longer. Natural sisal is available in different diameters and the larger the diameter, the higher the price. Petrebels value good quality. That is why we certainly chose an extra strong and durable sisal – for the benefit and well-being of your cat.

Normally, a cat tree with enough scratching area is sufficient for your cat to sharpen and scratch their claws naturally. If this is not enough for your cat and there is a necessary to cut the claws separately, you can cut the claws with a claw clipper. Here we urgently recommend to ask a vet or specialist for the correct cutting and trimming.


The bonding is crucial!

Quality goes inside out. Strong plush and thick natural sisal are additionally glued in the manufacturing process. This prolongs the life expectancy of our scratching trees significantly, up to 30%. You can easily test by yourself by checking out other scratching trees in a comparison. Simply take just any board and pull with 2 fingers the plush upwards. If the plush raises, it is not bonded and will be destroyed quickly. Try the same with Petrebels scratching trees and you’ll see that the plush does not raises. You can do the same with our scratching posts. Our sisal will not be detached.


The thickness of the plush is crucial!

The size and type of your cat is crucial for the density of the plush. Indeed, the plush density has a significant impact on the life expectancy of a scratching tree. We urgently recommend to check out which information about the plush thickness is mentioned. The larger your cat and the more your cat spring into action, the thicker the plush should be. The motto should be: the more active the cat, the thicker the push. Finally, your cat tree will last longer and you and your cat will have longer fun of it.


Any questions?

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