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You have ended up on one of the most boring pages of our site. This page is 'because it has to be' from legal people. Below is our Cookie Statement. That is a whole piece of text. This means that we use cookies to make our site work properly. But we do not do anything with it.

The 'version with many more words' and where lawyers get excited about it again:

Cookies and tracking pixels

Our website also uses "cookies" (text files placed on your computer) to help the website analyze how users use the site. We store these cookies in a well-protected 'cookie-drum' so that nobody else can join.

We place necessary, statistical and marketing cookies on our website:

  • A necessary cookie has a purely technical functionality that makes the website work properly.
  • The statistical cookie collects anonymous data about the use of our website and helps us to optimize the website. We have already detected many 'bugs' with it.
  • The marketing cookies keep track of your surfing behavior. This only concerns cookies from embedded content from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

A tracking pixel is an electronic file (size normally 1-pixel x 1-pixel) that is placed in an advertisement (for example on FACEBOOK). By using a tracking pixel, we can see whether an advertisement is being used. For example, that is super convenient if we have a new model or offer and we want everyone to know.

Delete or disable cookies

Of course, you can also disable our cookies. Keep in mind that our websites do not work optimally. How you can disable or delete cookies is explained here:


We do this together with Google and Facebook

We use Google Analytics, so that we can investigate the habits, wishes and user behavior of the visitor. This allows us to better tailor our websites to the target group and better meet the user's demands. Thanks to Google Analytics it is possible to keep track of how often a particular item is clicked and which pages on the website do or can be improved. We do not provide personal data to third parties, unless this is required by a statutory regulation or when this is necessary for the performance of an agreement that Petrebels has concluded with you.


There is also a Facebook pixel on our websites. This pixel works through a piece of code that comes from Facebook itself. By means of this code cookies. We have no influence on that. Read the privacy statement from Facebook through (which can change regularly) to learn more about what they do with your (personal) data that they process via these cookies. The information they collect is anonymized as much as possible. The information is transferred to and stored by Facebook on servers in the United States.

Facebook and Google have adhered to the Safe Harbor principles and are affiliated to the Safe Harbor program of the US Department of Commerce. This means that there is an appropriate level of protection for the processing of any personal data.

Questions, comments or suggestions

If you have questions about our cookies, you can always contact us:


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