Sweet Petite

Quality, thick posts but, above all, wonderfully soft plush. Your cat will immediately start testing out the wonderfully soft materials used at SWEET-PETITE. Suitable for all breeds.

The robust logs give a tough character and the soft shiny plush a warm feeling of home. The name Petite puts you on the wrong track because this range of scratching posts from PETREBELS goes up to 150cm.

You don’t have to worry about quality. We use the right thickness of plush and sisal. These are glued, of course, which extends the lifespan considerably.

You will see that your cat will enjoy and sleep wonderfully!

Features for SWEET-PETITE:

  • Wood sourced from sustainable forest management
  • 600-gram plush in the colours cream, grey and cappuccino
  • Natural coloured sisal
  • 6 mm sisal thickness
  • 9 cm thick logs for extreme grip
  • 3 cm thick base plates for extreme stability

Sweet Petite

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