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Sweet Petite

Stable, robust posts. But above all wonderfully soft plush! These are the quality features of our SWEET PETITE series. Your cat will be overwhelmed by the soft fabrics and will enjoy the warm, fuzzy, home-like feeling. SWEET PETITE is suitable for all breeds and sizes.

Colored sisal
Sisal 5,2mm
Plusch 600 gram
Bottom board 40mm
Post 120mm
Soft Fuzzy Plush
Plusch color: Fuzzy Cream, Fuzzy Grey, Fuzzy Brown
EBS (Easy buildup system)
Soft cushions
In this category: 
  • Finished with our heaviest fabrics

  • Royal color pallet

  • 12cm posts

  • Easy Build Up system

  • Stable!

Suitable for: 
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