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The Rebels

For this collection we chose extra thick posts (about 20 cm). They are covered in sisal rope which is about 6 mm thick. This is suitable for bigger cats and Rebels without a fear of heights because only they dare to climb all the way to the XL loungeseat at the top.

Natural sisal
Sisal 6,0mm
Large Playrope
Bottom board 50mm
Post 200mm
Color: Rebel Cream & Pepper
EBS (easy buildup system)
Royal sofa 110x50CM
Hammock (up to 25kg)
extreme stability
Washable cushion
In this category: 
  • Luxury Sleeper XL (up to 25 kg)

  • REBELS  Design

  • Finished with our heaviest fabrics

  • Extra soft pillow

  • Luxury comfort seat

Suitable for: 
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