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The Rebels

Hard core and soft shell. Our true rebels, they have top quality and stability. We have chosen extremely thick posts on purpose. We cover these with a high quality 8mm natural Sisal rope. THE REBELS convince and put a spell on your cat with its impressive charisma. This rebel is not for the faint-hearted or vertigo.

Natural sisal
Sisal 8,0mm
Plush 600 gram
Bottom board 50mm
Post 200mm
Soft Royal Plush
Color: Royal Cream, Royal grey, Royal Black
EBS (easy buildup system)
Royal sofa 600mm
Hammock (up to 30kg)
extreme stability
Washable cushion
50mm diameter playrope
In this category: 
  • Heavy hammock (up to 30 kg)

  • Royal color pallet

  • Finished with our heaviest fabrics

  • Extra soft pillow

  • Luxury comfort seat

Suitable for: 
Products in this category: 
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431080 Maine Coon 100 Royal Grey 125,00 euro
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431175 Maine Coon 100 Royal Cream 125,00 euro
431082 Maine Coon 120 Royal Black 155,00 euro
431083 Maine Coon 120 Royal Grey 155,00 euro
431084 Maine Coon 120 Royal Brown 155,00 euro
431176 Maine Coon 120 Royal Cream 155,00 euro
431085 Maine Coon 173 Royal Black 229,00 euro
431086 Maine Coon 173 Royal Grey 229,00 euro
431087 Maine Coon 173 Royal Brown 229,00 euro
431177 Maine Coon 173 Royal Cream 229,00 euro

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