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Kings & Queens

As the name implies… only for Royals! Your cat will feel like a real king or queen on these PETREBELS models. Majestic, superior and stylish. The perfect sovereign for small and large cats to ascent the throne. Graceful models, equipped with high-quality plush.

Colored sisal
Sisal 5,2 mm to 6 mm
Pluche 500 to 800 gram
Bottom board 40mm
Post 90 mm
Royal pluche
Colors: Royal cream, Royal grey, Royal brown, Royal taupe, Royal dark-grey
EBS (Easy buildup system)
Washable cushions
In this category: 
  • Royal models

  • Modern colors

  • Easy Build Up system

  • Matching sisal

  • Luxury comfort seats

Suitable for: 
Products in this category: 
Victoria 45 Royal Cream
Victoria 45 Royal Grey
Victoria 45 Royal Brown
Catharina 120 Royal Cream
Catharina 120 Royal Grey
Catharina 160 Royal Cream
Catharina 160 Royal Grey
Alexander 129 Royal Cream
Alexander 129 Royal Grey
Alexander 129 Royal Cappuccino
Cleopatra 122 Royal Cappuccino
Cleopatra 143 Royal Cappuccino
Charlotte 134 Royal Cream
Charlotte 134 Royal Grey
Charlotte 134 Royal Cappuccino
Anna 240 Royal Cream
Anna 240 Royal Grey
Anna 240 Royal Cappuccino
Mary 70 Royal Grey
Mary 70 Royal Cappuccino
Mary 100 Royal Grey
Mary 100 Royal Cappuccino

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