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Cheap Bastards

Our CHEAP BASTARDS models will inspire you if you appreciate solid design without making compromises in price. CHEAP BASTARDS construction is very reliable and the price is restrained. The right plush thickness and the correct sisal diameter is taken care of, as we take care of everything.

Hammock (up to 15kg)
Sisal diameter 5,2 mm
Plush quality 480 Gram
Bottom board up to 40mm
Post 70-90 mm
Including mounting for ceiling
Plush: cream, light grey, chocolat brown
EBS (Easy buildup system)
Height 60-245 mm
In this category: 
  • Heavy hammock (up to 15 kg)

  • Easy Build Up system

  • Stable!

  • Bonded sisal & plush

  • Luxury comfort seat

Suitable for: 
Products in this category: 
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Maine 90 grey
Maine 90 Cappuccino
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Atlanta 60 Grey
Atlanta 60 Cappuccino
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Boston 90 Grey
Boston 90 Cappuccino
Houston 109 Cream
Houston 109 Grey
Houston 109 Cappuccino
Phoenix 240 Cream
Phoenix 240 Grey
Phoenix 240 Brown
Little Rock 99 Cream
Little Rock 99 Grey
Little Rock 99 Cappuccino
Portland 92 Cream
Portland 92 Grey
Portland 92 Cappuccino
Austin 82 Cream
Austin 82 Grey
Austin 82 Cappuccino

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