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Hey you found our website, that means you are looking for a cat tree for your little rebel, right?

If you are looking for a cat tree, but you do not really now which kind of cat furniture you need, no problem, we can help you!

Firstly, it’s important that you know which character and personality your cat has. Is your cat at home most of the time? Or does she/he likes to spend time outside? Is your cat more kitten-ish or lazy and comfortable? If you answered these questions you are a step further and can move on.

Each of our cat trees are fitted with an icon that best describes the character of your cat.

Cats have to scratch and whet: it’s in their nature to sharp their claws and support their wellness.

The cat trees of Petrebels are stable, cheap and are the optimal solution if you follow the ICON.

Every single one of our cat trees are made with the very best quality. We use premium, heavy materials to make our cat trees are extra stable.

Sharp claws by regularly whetting on cat trees

As cute and cuddly our cats are, in their hearts they remain predators. To be prepared for their enemies in nature, they keep their claws in tip top condition. The majority of cats use cat trees (or your sofa, if you’re unlucky) to keep their nails razor sharp.

Our collection “The Rebels” gives you a cheap and stylish cat furniture, which is optimal for large cats like Maine Coon or Ragdolls.

Additionally, our giant “Lucky-Bastards”- cat tree collection is a paradise for a whole group of cats.

This cat tree gives each cat lots of space, not only for scratching but also for playing and relaxing.

We also provide a DELUXE-variations of some of our product, fitted with four hammocks.

Cat-scratching post to romp

Cats are not only masters in hunting, they also love to play until an old age.

In their famous “5-Minutes”, they run through the whole house, romp and jump up and down of the cat tree.

Petrebels has the ideal cat tree with a high play-capacity.

For our Rebels who want to explore the world from high up, you can find the “Kings and Queens”- collection, a cheap cat tree with a form of a meter high ceiling tensioner.

Hide-and-seek in a cat tree with caves

Or is your car more a type of hide-and-seek? Hiding and whizzes out of nowhere through the whole house is more likely her/his thing?

Then you can find in our “Champion-Only”- collection everything a cat heart needs. These scratching posts are extra heavy and provide, with its caves, divers hiding-areas.

Because of its stability, there is no chance that you wild cat will knock over this cat tree.

Cat-scratching post as wellness-paradise

A good cat tree has much more! Depending on age and activities cats sleep around 16 hours per day. For that, they are looking for the most comfortable place in the whole house, and decide for a place high up where they can observe their people and their activities.

The cat furniture’s of our “Little Rebels”- collection provides your cat everything she needs to relax. With the “Little Rebels” you find a cat tree which is not only cheap but also has cuddly hammocks and berths which are luxuriously equipped.

Of course, all of our cat trees are stable and are fitted with sisal and plush that are decently glued.

Also, our “Sweet-Petite”- cat trees are perfect for your cat to relax and rest. A “Sweet-Petite”- cat tree is equipped with extra thick and heavy plush. This supports the wellness factor of your cat and turns the cat tree automatically into a cat dream.


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