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Choose your cattree

Quite a character...

Choose the best cat tree for your cat.

Each cat is different. We know that at Petrebels like no other.
That is why we have developed the ideal cat tree for every cat's personality.
Wondering what kind of cat personality your cat has? Discover it here.

When you look closely at the character of your cat, it is easier to find the right scratching post.
Petrebels is trying to help you with this.

Wondering what kind of cat personality your cat has? 

The scratcher

This is not a cat to deal with without velvet gloves. He or she cuts their nails all day long. Scratching is for this animal a party. Preferably the whole day. He or she regularly stretches. Both horizontally and vertically. Meowww.

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The INDOOR hunter

With a slight sense of recognition, the indoor hunter looks outside through the window. But it can also be adventurous inside the house. With some great toys and a challenging scratching post within reach, the indoor hunter likes to release his instincts. Oh yes, and to recover, a power napping is sufficient.

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