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Which cat tree is suitable for heavy cats?

I have a big cat or heavy cat, what kind of cat scratching post do I need?

Whether you have a Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat or American Ragdoll, large and heavy cats must be given (and allowed!). When selecting a cat tree for heavy cats, make sure that it offers enough space for your tiger.

Petrebels has a very wide range in extremely high quality cat trees for heavy cat breeds and heavy cats.

Lucky Bastards scratching posts for heavy cats

Petrebels has a very wide range of extremely high-quality scratching posts for large cat breeds and heavy cats. Our special quality is due to, among other things, the use of high-quality glued plush (600 grams) and glued sisal rope on sturdy ABS crab stems. This means that the plush and sisal rope are glued to the woodwork, which ensures that the materials stay firmly in place, even when used (or misused 😉 by heavy and large cats. Naturally, we use extra thick sisal rope up to 8 mm for these XXL scratching furniture so that your Rebels are not quickly scratched out. A heavy, extra-thick base plate ensures particularly high stability so that your scratching post stands like a house!

Our Lucky Bastards collection offers the perfect scratching post for heavy cats, such as the Maine Coon. A somewhat larger cat needs a heavy cat scratching post. The Lucky Bastards scratching post for heavy cats is just the right scratching post for your Maine Coon cat. You get a scratching post in XXL, which is perfect for your baby tiger. Your Big cat will be happy with a Lucky Bastards scratching post. For Maine Coons and cats of the same size, the scratching post must be large enough to give your cat a good feeling.

Stability and safety

The trunk diameter is 12.15 or 20 cm thick, thus providing the necessary stability. The scratching post for heavy cats is made with wood from sustainable forest management. The sisal rope has a diameter of 6 mm. In addition, 600g of plush in the scratching post of your cat gives the necessary hugging hours at her new favorite place. The plush is available in three colors. You can opt for soft cream, soft gray or soft cappuccino. Of course, the scratching post is glued firmly and your cat will experience a lot with this.

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