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Which cat tree is suitable for heavy cats?

Whether you have a Maine Coon, Norwegian Forest Cat or American Ragdoll, large and heavy cats must be given (and allowed!). When selecting a cat tree for heavy cats, make sure that it offers enough space for your tiger.

Petrebels has a very wide range in extremely high quality cat trees for heavy cat breeds and heavy cats.

I have a big cat or heavy cat, what kind of cat scratching post do I need?

Cat trees for heavy cats

Our special quality comes from the use of high quality glued plush (600 grams) and glued sisal rope on sturdy ABS cat trees. This means that the plush and sisal rope are glued to the woodwork, which ensures that the materials remain firmly in place, even when used (or abused 😉 by heavy and big cats. Of course we use extra thick sisal rope up to 8 mm for this XXL scratching furniture so your Rebels won’t be scratched out quickly. A heavy, extra thick bottom plate provides extra high stability so your scratching post stands like a house!

Let those tigers come…

Durable cat tree from Petrebels made of high quality materials

The well-being of housecats depends not only on a healthy diet, but also on sufficient opportunities for all sorts of activities. Therefore, a robust cat scratching post, which reminds of the conditions in nature, belongs to the basic equipment of every indoor cat in the house. Especially cats that do not have access to a garden with tall trees and a well-tended lawn need a cat scratching post. The high trunk of the cat toy is usually wrapped in a material such as sisal, on which the velvet paws can sharpen their claws. Instead of tree bark in nature, the sisal fibre playfully shortens the cat’s claws at every touch.

Cats love to climb on tree trunks as much as they love their cat tree. In our web shop, you will find the right model for every small and large cat with sisal ropes of up to eight millimetres. The size of the cat scratching post must correspond to the needs of your cat. Therefore, we also offer models with sisal ropes and extra thick base plates for very large, sturdy cats, so that the playful four-legged friends can jump with all their strength into their tree. The stability of the scratching posts in our range considerably minimises the risk of damage. You can let your cat play with the scratching post even when you are not at home.

Visually appealing cat scratching post with lounging places

Besides a simple cat tree which replaces the tree trunk, you can also discover numerous models with burrows, cosy lying areas and toys in our webshop. This variety of cat furniture is particularly attractive to cats because it is modelled on a tree in nature. Caves invite their velvet paws to hide. In each cosy box furnished with soft fabrics, they find the peace and quiet that these little four-legged friends love. Lounging areas and so-called lounge sofas are ideal places for an afternoon nap. Cats also like to use these open, comfortable surfaces as viewing platforms, because apart from playing and hiding, watching and lurking is one of the velvet paws’ favourite pastimes.

A scratching post from our online shop is therefore always a good choice for young and older cats, because the trunk, the burrows and the lying places mimic the natural environment of any domestic cat. Finally, we also have some models that, in addition to the sisal rope wrapped trunk, have an extra freely hanging, thickly tied sisal rope. This rope moves like a prey when the cat hits it with its paw.

Large cat trees for several cats in the house

If you have more than one cat with velvet feet, you can buy a separate cat tree for each of your cats. Depending on the social behaviour of your animals, the cats will share their trees or defend their territory. The sensible alternative to multiple models is a single very big cat tree for all the cats in your flat or house. On snowy winter days, this generously proportioned cat tree with multiple tree trunks, burrows and loungers is sure to be the first choice for sharpening the claws of all the house cats who are normally used to running around the garden. But the path through the snow to the favourite tree trunk outside is far too cold for a small house cat. So a scratching post is a good investment for any velveteen paw.

Lucky Bastards scratching posts for heavy cats

Our Lucky Bastards collection offers the perfect scratching post for heavy cats, like the Maine Coon. A somewhat larger cat needs a heavy cat scratch post. The Lucky Bastards heavy cat scratch post is exactly the right scratch post for your Maine Coon cat. You get a cat tree in XXL, which is perfect for your baby tiger. Your big cat will be happy with a Lucky Bastards scratching post. For Maine Coons and cats of the same size, the scratching post should be big enough to give your cat a good feeling.

Stability and Safety

The post diameter is 12,15 or 20cm thick, thus providing the necessary stability. These scratching post for heavy cats is made with wood from sustainable forestry. The sisal rope has a diameter of 6mm. Moreover, 600g plush in the scratching post of your cat gives the necessary cuddling hours in her new favourite spot. The plush is available in three colours. You can choose soft cream, soft grey or soft cappuccino. Of course, the scratching post is firmly glued and your cat will have a lot of fun with it.

Petrebels knows exactly what cats want and therefore you may expect the highest quality from our scratching posts for heavy cats.

Cat trees and furniture for heavy cats in all shapes and sizes

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