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One cat is not the other. We know that like no other. That’s why we developed an ideal Cat Tree for each Cat-personality. By taking a good look at your cat’s personality, it easier to find the correct Cat Tree for your cat. Of course, We, Petrebels, are more than willing to help you! For a cat, a cat tree is a true pleasure. A cat tree keeps the nose of the fur active and reduces the risk that your cat gets overweighted. In addition, you also reduce the possible joint problems of your beloved pet. Moreover, a cat tree makes it possible to move and stretch all muscle parts. And your cat’s claws are kept strong and healthy. It will also save your furniture because your cat now has a place that she can mark as her own area.

Cat trees in all shapes and sizes

Petrebels has a large assortment with cattrees in all shapes and sizes. Navigate below directly to the desired category

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