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Cat trees that reach from the floor to the ceiling

Cats love working out, well… most of them. Our Freddie the Rebel is one of those ADHD cats who goes on big adventures after some good hours of sleep. We call it the crazy 5 minutes, you will see your cat jumping and racing from left to right and up and down. For these moments a cat tree that reaches up to the ceiling might be the perfect solution, it is the ideal product to stimuate their physical needs.

We have compiled a list of our favorite and most popular cat trees below:

Cat trees with ceiling fixer

We, at Petrebels, have many models that are higher than 170 centimeters, therefore we are leading in the market for big cat furniture in Europe! We have the biggest selection of cat trees that reach from the floor up to the ceiling, these come in all budgets and styles. It doesn’t matter how high your ceiling is, most of our models are high enough. Models with ceiling tensioners go up to 265 centimeters. A little warning, old houses often have a ceiling that reaches 300 centimeters… Such high cat furniture are great for your Rebel to show it’s dominance or to feel safe when he or she is a little shy. Your rebel can watch everything and everyone from a safe distance. Cats love heights, therefore a high cat tree is perfect for Rebels!

With these models it is important to look at the construction of your ceiling, you must be sure of it’s safety! To make things even more exciting, you can treat your sisal cat trees with catnip (american only). This gives you some entertainment as well, you can watch your cat play and explore for hours. But, it is more fun to play with your cat yourself (when the cat wants it too ofcourse, your cat is king!).

Cat trees with ceiling tensioner in all shapes and sizes

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