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The Ragamuffin is an incredibly intelligent cat and is very popular amongst European cat owners. The reason why it is so popular is because they have a calm and relaxed temperament, an excellent choice for indoor cats. Ragamuffins are muscular and heavy, they need 4 to 5 years to fully grow to an adult. Check out our blog, where we tell you all about the Ragamuffin.


Ragamuffins are a variant of the Ragdoll-cats, they stand out because of their friendly personality and the fluffy velvet fur. The Ragamuffin will constantly seek your affection by sniffing around you, they will do anything for a delicious treat… However they are mostly relaxed, they also love playing and exploring. Ragamuffins like being part of what happens in your house and wants to feel like a part of the family. When choosing a cat tree we advise you consider a cat tree with a high relaxing area so they can view the world from above. Another feature to consider is a own cottage on/in the cat tree. Ragamuffins, like humans, love their privacy from time to time. We have an overview of all of our favorite cat trees for Ragamuffins, these will garantee to fulfill their needs. What do you think?

Cat trees for Ragamuffins in all shapes and sizes

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