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The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of our personal favorite cats, we find it amazing when owners of these magnificent creatures call us for information or recommendations. The Norwegian Forest Cat is an incredibly friendly cat that likes to be left alone and doesn’t need endless attention to keep them happy and satisfied.

Norwegian Forest Cats

These cats are amazing indoor cats. However they don’t need to be coddled they do need sufficient mental stimulation and physical exercize for their playful and agile character. The most important characteristic of the Norwegian Forest Cat is their love for climbing! Most of the times you will find them at the highest spot in your house, keeping an eye out for the world below them. It is important that they have a strong construction in which they can climb safely. The Norwegian Forest Cat is one of the few cat races that have no trouble climbing down, these talents and qualities demand a cat tree with several floors to explore. Luckily we compiled an assortment of cat trees especially made for these needs so you can be sure that your cat will be happy and satisfied. The items form the ‘LUCKY BASTARDS’ and ‘THE REBELS’ collection are recommended for this beautiful race.

Cat tree for Norwegian Forest cats in all shapes and sizes

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