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The European shorthair is a race that descents from a firmly build house cat and a farm cat from Europe. We used to call these cats streetcats, nowadays we call them European shorthairs. What is characteristic about these cats is that they are intelligent, playful, friendly and affectionate. Want to know more about this cat breed? Check out our blog. 

Below you will find a selection of perfect models for the European shorthair.

Cat tree for the European shorthair

European shorthairs

European shorthairs are muscular, medium to large sized cats with a broad muscular chest. The strong paws are round and have an average length. The tail is often quite thick.

Because the European shorthair is not a lightweight it is very important to purchase a strong and solid cat tree for them. The European shorthair can be an indoor as well as an outdoor cat. If they spend more time outside they will probably only come inside for eating, drinking or sleeping. In that case you need to make sure your cat tree has got many relaxing areas. If your cat doesn’t go outside often (or isn’t allowed to) you should purchase a cat tree that challenges your cat, with height for example.

Cat tree for the European shorthair in all shapes and sizes

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