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The Egyptian Mau cat is super fast and has a record for being the fastest house cat in the world. Astonishingly, the Egyptian Mau can reach speeds up to 48 kilometers an hour. We compiled a list of our favorite Egyptian Mau cat trees below.

Egyptian Mau cats

The Egyptian Mau is not only incredibly fast, but they are also very viable. Of all the cats that appreciate a high cat tree, the Egyptian Mau is on top of the list. These cats love climbing and jumping, this is very important to know when buying a cat tree. If you place the cat tree near a window they can keep an eye out and feel safe and secure from a nice distance.

Suprisingly, the Egyptian Mau likes to play in water. They might try to dip their paws in your bathtub or sink.

Petrebels has got a lot of items that are perfect for these fast Rebels where they can relax but also be able to release their energy. These items have an extremely high quality because of the strength and firmness. This is important because an Egyptian Mau cat likes to jump from platform to platform, so it needs to be able to handle all that power.

Cat tree for Egyptian Mau cats in all shapes and sizes

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