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Cat tree Cheap Bastards New York 132

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The scratching tree NEW YORK 132 is a comfortable multi-level apartment which offers everything what a typical New York City apartment has to require. Several bedrooms on different levels, multiple floors which are perfect for chilling and relaxing. And of course a fire escape for the rapid descent. The highlight is a sofa on the top floor, for a wonderful cat-view about the whole social activities. NEW YORK 132 is suitable for all cats from small to large.

measurements: 50x50cm/height 132cm

product details:
plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread
plush quality: 450g/m2
5,2mm natural sisal
pole diameter: 7cm
measurements bottom board: 50x50cm/height 2cm
measurements lower box: 25x25cm/height 25cm
measurements upper box: 50x25cm/height 25cm
measurements lower board: 50x50cm/height 2cm
measurements center board: 50x25cm/height 2cm
measurements upper board: Ø25cm/height 2cm
measurements sofa: Ø25cm/height 4cm
measurements ladder: 33x14cm

color: cream



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