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Cat tree Catharina 120

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also for heavy cats
space saving

Brief specifications

Suitable for more cats
Suitable for heavy cats
Suitable for kittens
Especially for our little naughty cats
Suitable for seniors
Easy to climb and descend
Suitable forIndoor hunter / Outdoor hunter / Scratcher / Sleeper

Product information

Our cat trees CATHARINA deserve the addition in the name like the famous idol - the great! Not only in the real height but also great in color, design and quality. But lets work from the bottom up. The bottom plate of the lower cave box has a thickness of 4 cm and provides a great stability. The large and round entrance and the color combination of a cream colored plush with grey sisal around the posts and grey sisal carpet around the cave box, makes the scratching tree appealing and timeless. 3 posts of 9 cm diameter are following which are fixed with the box and also hold the middle board. This offers a pleasured first scratch opportunity for your cat. In the middle of the lower box we implement the first rest stop. A reclining area with a cozy quilted cushion. 3 additional scratching posts are directly placed above the middle board whichever hold up the upper board and the hammock which is fixed underneath. The hammock is padded with soft foam which makes it comfortable and cuddly for every cat and will put very Rebel into peaceful dreams. It is fixed with sturdy metal O-rings and can easily be removed by using the carabiner technology. The upper reclining surface is covered with a soft quilting cushion, which is easy to remove thanks Velcro. All of our cushions are of course washable by 30 degrees. Due to the 5 cool reclining options, it will be hard for each cat to decide where to rest. The royal triangle shape dedicates CATHARINA as a perfect corner model. A lot of scratching surface for a small tree!
product details:
plastic socket made of ABS in a molded thread
sturdy weaved sisal carpet colored in black, extra glued
measurement box: 50x50cm/height 25cm
measurement lower board: 35x35cm/height 2cm
measurement cushion lower board: 35x35cm
measurement upper board: 50x50cm/height 2cm
measurement cushion upper board: 50x50cm


Article number431144
NameCat tree Catharina 120 Royal Cream
EAN 8719425791401
Length50 cm
Width50 cm
Height120 cm
Weight16.2 kg
Number of boxes1
Baseboard measurements
L x W x H
50 x 50 x 3 cm
Sisal colorGREY
Number of hammocks1
Number of floating hammocks
For lazy rascals
Washable hammocks
Washable up to 30 degrees
Max. weight hammock15.00 Kg
Number of pillows2
Cushions washable
Number of levels4
Number of posts7
Sofabed Available
Stairs available
Playrope available
For extra fun
Sleeping cave available
Geschikt voor 
Suitable for more cats
Suitable for heavy cats
Suitable for kittens
Especially for our little naughty cats
Suitable for seniors
Easy to climb and descend
Suitable forIndoor hunter / Outdoor hunter / Scratcher / Sleeper
Manual included
Easy to assemble
Mounting material available
Funky Rebel toy available
The ultimate toy
Separate parts available
Usually in stock


Average: 5 (1 vote)
"Prachtige, functionele krabpaal!"
By Peter on 24 June 2020
Het logo haha!
Uiterst tevreden, onze vent vind de paal helemaal prachtig, gebruikt alle aspecten en dat is voor het eerst ondanks dat dit zijn 6e paal is. De paal staat prachtig bij het interieur. Deze mensen hebben duidelijk ook voor de dieren en ook een goed gevoel voor design en inrichting. Super tevreden! Helaas wel een te kleine gekocht, hij is wat ouder maar zeer vitaal en ik dacht rekening te houden met zijn leeftijd, was duidelijk niet nodig. Maar dat is dan ook het enige en dat ligt volledig aan mij haha! (Heb trouwens een leuke foto ervan voor jullie, indien geïnteresseerd kan je altijd even mailen.
Average: 5 (1 vote)
"Supermooi en degelijk!"
By Mirella on 24 March 2020
Onze kat Daisy is er gelijk op gaan liggen toen we de krabpaal in elkaar hadden gezet. Ze ligt er heel de dag en krabt er haar nagels goed aan. Ik zeg top product!
Average: 5 (1 vote)
"Toller Kratzbaum "
By Bettina P., Oostenrijk on 1 February 2020
stabil und kompakt
total einfach im Aufbau
wie erwartet und benötigt
Hängematte könnte größer sein
sonst nichts Negatives
Am Mittwoch gegen Mittag bestellt, am Freitag am Vormittag geliefert in Österreich - schneller gehts kaum. Alle Teile vorhanden, Aufbau simpel. Leider haben die Katzen beim Aufbau mitgeholfen, daher etwas Zeitverlust ... Der Kratzbaum wurde vom ersten Teil an von den beiden Miezen geliebt und sofort in Beschlag genommen.
Average: 5 (1 vote)
By Natsu on 19 December 2019
Taille compacte
Arbre a chat de très bonne qualité et joli design
Average: 5 (1 vote)
"Wat een topper!"
By Carla on 8 December 2019
Ideaal om te klauteren en spelen
Zacht pluche
Makkelijk in elkaar te zetten
Mooi compact

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With a slight sense of recognition, the indoor hunter looks outside through the window. He or she wants to go out but cannot. But, it can also be very adventurous inside the house. With some great toys and a provocative scratching post within reach, the indoor hunter likes to release his instincts. Oh, by the way, a power nap will be sufficient to recover.

The outdoor hunter does not want to miss out on any adventure. His or her action mode is action mode is always on stand by. The outdoor hunter strikes out every day and every night. Home is just a place to relax, eat and get some attention. When the battery is recharged. the next adventure will be waiting.

This is not your average cat you can deal with without putting velvet gloves on. He or she sharpens their nails all day long. Scratching is a party for this animal. He or she would preferably do it the whole day and regularly stretches horizontally and vertically. Meowww.

This sleeping beauty can be called lazy rather tan tired. (S)he loves to crawl up and against anything and to cuddle a lot. Without all of this (s)he will shamelessly stretch out and settle anywhere. Its biggest hobby is sleeping of course. Sweet dreams…