Cat tree 180 cm





Cat tree with a height of 180 cm

Most people know that cats really like to climb. If your Rebel is lucky enough to have a  owner that has enough space for a bigger cat tree, than a 180 cm high cat tree is perfect for your feline friend to climb in. A height of 180 cm is the ideal height for giving your pet a ‘’on top of the world’’ feeling while they can explore their surroundings.

Big 180 cm cat trees 

Big cat trees increase in their popularity amongst cat owners because cats are developing more so they need extra space to explore, climb and play. Not all cat owners have enough space in their home for a wide cat tree, this causes the cat to improvise with the help of cabinets and furniture. Ofcourse this entails dangerous risks and cannot be encouraged. A high cat tree does not only offer the perfect distraction and enjoyable space but it also provides a safe and happy feeling for both the cat and the owner. It is a safe environment that is especially made for their needs.

We have a big collection of cat trees in all shapes and sizes, you can view our bigger (around 180 cm) cat trees below. Treat your Rebel today!

Cat trees in all shapes and sizes

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