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Petrebels thinks and acts differently. We believe that designs of Cat Trees from back in the days are ‘old-fashioned’ and way ‘out of time’. Nowadays everyone wants a beautiful Cat Tree that fits perfectly in the living room. In the end, you want your beloved cat right by your side and of course your cat to feel ‘at home’. That’s why at Petrebels we picked a selection of beautiful Cat Trees. See for yourself.

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Are you looking for cat furniture that is sturdy enough to cope with your wild cat? Then the cat furniture and cat furniture in XXL from the Petrebels collection are a perfect choice. All our cat furniture has a reinforced footplate for stability. In addition, strong cat furniture also requires particularly robust sisal. That is why we have chosen natural sisal with a thickness of 8 mm in our product category “The Rebels”. Cats can scratch for a long time and the thick sisal rope invites you to play. All cat furniture from Petrebels is stable and available in many different designs. The cat furniture has different levels, cozy hammocks and places to cuddle. In addition, the cat furniture has a modest appearance, so that they can easily be integrated into your home furnishings. After all, furniture must fit seamlessly into the interior of the device. Thanks to the many different versions you will certainly find the perfect one that is always sturdy enough for your little tiger. Check our collection and discover our furniture for champions. Cat furniture can be easily selected and ordered online. If you have any questions, you can always contact us. We are happy to help you choose the ideal piece of furniture that is sturdy and large for your favorite.

Cat furniture and scratching posts in all shapes and sizes

Petrebels has a large assortment with cat furniture and scratching posts in all shapes and sizes. Navigate below directly to the desired category

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