Cat furniture ceiling





Cat furniture ceiling

If you are a real rebel and you are looking for something different, ceiling furniture might be just the thing for your cat! Despite you might think otherwise, these models take up relatively little space in your house. Luckely we are here to make magical cat furniture that reaches up to the ceiling. These cat trees are very special and space saving, your Rebel will love it to watch the world from a safe distance. Nothing is higher than te ceiling of your room, the cat will enjoy the challenge to climb all the way up.

These Cat furniture are ceiling-high:

Cat Tree Ceiling High – Model Skyline, Cityview or Panorama

First and foremost, the scratching post is actually there to scratch.
And this has a very important background: cats have sharp and very long claws. They can move in. In everyday life that’s what they do. Because the claws are sensitive, and your cat does not want to wear them on hard floors, walls, and rough-meshed upholstery. That also hurts. The other side is: Cats have to use their claws from time to time as they grow. Like fingernails, they always grow. Because the claws are designed by nature, to give your cat safety when climbing on trees and slopes or to stop her to allow the beating and grasping of prey animals.
If you often hide the treats for your cat in toys with small openings, you will know: Cats very cleverly use their paws and especially their claws as tools.

If the cat tree is ceiling high and covered with sisal or other rough material, your cat will gladly accept the climbing offer. Because even small kitties know instinctively what they should use their claws for.

Playground, sports field & sleeping place

No cat tree, ceiling or not, is designed solely for claw care. Cats are very playful and curious animals. They love sporting challenges. An elaborately designed scratching post with numerous different elements will quickly become the living space for your cat. Thick ropes invite you to balance and hang out. Cuddly caves halfway up offer retreat areas that can be used for naps, for cleaning or simply as an observation post. On top of the scratching post, ceiling-high and already almost unattainable for you, your cat will enjoy a viewing platform: Here she cleans herself, keeps an eye on you, maybe she even sleeps here.

For climbing & swings

Slanted boards and vertical elements, but also stretched thick ropes and hanging as swinging elements make your cat fun. What provides amusement, but also requires and promotes intelligence and motor skills of your pet. When climbing fast and romping on the cat tree, your pet learns to move safely in all situations. Swinging and jiggling challenges may make your cat look suspicious – but eventually, she’ll be happy to take on these challenges. Because the little fur bundles are just incredibly playful.

Promote this play instinct. This keeps your pet healthy and happy. So it does not surprise you if you see your cat relaxing in a hammock at an airy 2 m height.

Cat post top to integrate into the apartment meaningful

First of all, the cat tree, ceiling-high or not, will, of course, make a huge impact in your interior. Although cats are regarded as difficult-to-raise animals, they eventually accept that they should rather wrench their claws on the scratching post than on your furniture. Nevertheless, you should make sure that the scratching post fits into the apartment. Set it up so it can not fall over. An attachment to at least two points may be useful if the bottom plate is not so heavy. If the cat tree has a low center of gravity, it can withstand wild cats without falling over.

The cat tree is ceiling high and powerful, the colors match the furniture in the apartment – does it dominate the room? Most people find it more comfortable when the toy of pets is rather inconspicuous. So choose the place for your scratching post carefully.
Tip: If the cat tree is high in the ceiling, it can be built up better for two!Cat furniture and scratching posts ceiling high

Cat furniture that reaches up to the ceiling

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