The best materials for your cat tree

Choose the best materials for your cat tree

The best materials for scratching posts
There are many things to consider before you buy a scratching piece of furniture. The question we get most is “which material is best for your Rebel?” Let’s be very clear, when a cat wants to break something, he will break it eventually. No matter how strong the material is. But of course some materials are stronger than others.

So everybody understands that when you use a lightweight plush it will break faster than heavy plush (>500 grams).All cats are different (like humans) and will eventually have their own preference about what they prefer to scratch their claws on.

There are several types of scratching materials you will find when looking for a scratching post. There are posts covered with sisal, sisal carpet, plush, water hyacinth and paperrope.Here you will find the pros and cons to make it a little easier for you!

Sisal posts:
Durability: Sisal is a natural product and is made from plant fibres. Sisal is a natural and sustainable product. It takes a lot of effort for your cat to break it. As a result, your scratching furniture will be beautiful much longer.

Affordability: Sisal is not cheap. This is because the raw material is expensive and wrapping the rope also takes a lot of time. Nevertheless, we are convinced that the much higher durability of sisal more than compensates for this price difference.

Appearance: Of course there is no arguing about taste, but the Petrebels scratching posts are the most beautiful ones you will find in the market in terms of colour and design. Petrebels designs all models in house and we follow the trends worldwide on a daily basis. The materials and parts used, such as the play ropes, the upholstery and the sisal, are perfectly matched by our design department. And in our opinion sisal is just a bit more chic than carpet or plush logs.

Attractiveness for your cat: only your cat friends can decide what appeals to them more, but in any case, we always see our Rebels very happy with their Sisal scratching posts!

Sisal carpet posts:

Durability: Of course there are different quality classes of carpet. But remember that carpet will always be destroyed sooner than sisal. This is due to the weaving, cats have more grip to put their nails between the threads of carpet.

Affordability: Sisal carpet is not cheaper than sisal. The price differences are in the weaving and underlay of the carpet.  However, carpet will be worn much sooner, which means that the upholstery will have to be replaced much faster.

Appearance: We do like sisal carpet. Another important thing to consider is that your cat’s hair can get stuck to the carpet….

Attractiveness for your cat: This is simply a matter of your cat’s preference. There is no right or wrong answer for this, but as I said, we have yet to find the first cat that doesn’t like sisal.

Posts of plush:

Durability: Posts covered with plush are the fastest to break down. Cats find it far too interesting to look for the beginning and the end and to break them down. Petrebels is absolutely not in favour of sisal posts completely or partly covered with plush.

Affordability: Plush is cheaper than sisal. So you understand that when a lot of posts are covered with plush, this determines the total price of a scratching post.

Appearance: Petrebels opts for quality and design. Apart from the fact that we do not advise plush on poles, we do not like it either, but that is a matter of taste.

Attractiveness for your cat: As mentioned, the ‘playful’ cat will certainly find it attractive to look for the starting and ending point. But the average scraper will certainly not be challenged by plush poles.

Posts of waterhyacinth:

Durability: Poles coated with water hyacinth break down faster. The term water hyacinth is often used in the market but in reality it is often ‘cattail’ what you see at the waterfront. Its natural appearance often makes it look beautiful, but for a Rebel Scratcher this is not the right material. If you have a sleeper of a cat that never scratches then this material is perfect.

Affordability: Water hyacinth is much cheaper than sisal.

Appearance: Because of the natural look, poles with water hyacinth are beautiful to look at. It is not functional for the cat.

Attractiveness for your cat: As said, Petrebels does not recommend this material, especially if you have a cat that scratches.

Posts of paperrope:

Durability: Rams of bark paper (better known as raffia or paper rope) is relatively strong. For real scratchers we still recommend sisal, but bark paper can be very strong. The quality depends in the way bark paper is turned. If you have bark paper that has been twisted well, this will certainly be strong for an average person.

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