A cat tree is essential for a cat

A cat tree changes your cat’s life (and yours!)

Cats love climbing and scrambling, our own cat Freddie the Rebel is the perfect example. Freddie often decides to climb on our roof so we need to lure him down with some of his favorite toys. He becomes more mischievous every year, he hangs out with our neighbours and ends up climbing in our curtains. It kind of seems that each time Freddie tries to get as high as possible.

I have been wondering myself where the love for heights in cats comes from, do they like the adrenaline or do they want to explore their surroundings? I couldn’t come up with an answer but after I saw our chair getting damaged I decided to give in and buy a high cat tree, and it worked! It is not difficult to find a suitable cat tree at Petrebels, there are many references that can help you. We decided for the ‘Cityview 195 de Luxe’, it is 2 meters high which was perfect for our rebellious Freddie.

Cats become happy thanks to their cat tree
Since we have our cat tree I can’t get Freddie to come down, I can strongly advise it to every cat owner. Freddie is much stronger and happier than before and my furniture is no longer used as a scratching pole. All of his energy is used for climbing and playing in the tree, and he is not the only one having fun. I’d rather watch him play than watch tv! That is the most important thing for me, the fact that I can see my cat being happy. A lot of people say that cats don’t show gratitude, this might be true but I still truly hope he appreciates it. Sometimes we get a look or a meow from Freddie that seems to be some kind of way to let us know he thanks us. Here are a few fun cat trees to look at!

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